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History of Cloning

In July of 1996, a cloned sheep by the name of “Dolly” was engineered by a research and development institute in Scotland England. This was the first time a mammal was successfully cloned by humans, making it breaking news around the world. In April of 1998 Dolly gave birth to “Bonny.” On February 14th 2003, Dolly died due to euthanasia. She had lung infection, a symptom common in sheep twice her age. She had lived for only 6 years, where the normal lifespan of a sheep is 11 to 12 years. Some scientists believe that her untimely illness was a direct result of an unperfected cloning technique, yet this hypothesis has not yet been proven. The answer to this question will play an important role in the safety and ethical ramifications of cloning in the future.

The Ethical and Religion Problems of Cloning

All thought of human cloning today is purely theoretical. This is because humans have never been cloned before, thus all related thought must only be in the realm of hypothesis.

1) Which clone is the original, and what ramifications will be felt?
-Who is the parent clone? (The original person cloned)
-Who is the clone’s parent? (Paternal)

Is your mother’s clone your real mother? Or is she your aunt? Possibly the same as if your mother had a twin sister that was somehow younger than her, and possibly even you….

2) Are clones real humans?
- Do clones have the same rights as normal humans, dictated in the Bill of Rights? Or would clones have a secondary status to that of a normally born human? And thus would they possibly be treated unfairly by non- clones. The real question is are clones truly human, real people, or are they fake.

3) Soul…?
-If people have souls, do clones have souls?
This idea resides in the domain of theology and mystic philosophy and has been debated for as long as one could debate, and clones will only complicate things. Although as the current data suggests a clone is the same as an identical twin thus not adding any new variables, except for the fact that the twin is not naturally occurring in the wild. Yet is a laboratory any less natural then a womb? So this suggests that clones are as every bit legitimate as naturally born humans. Yet this question cannot be answered until more information about human energy fields has been uncovered.

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