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Well I do have some good news, I found my new Dojo. http://www.aikidovt.org/ It’s so awesome. I went to watch a class today, and I talked to the master, it’s just fucking amazing. The head teacher is really good, and he also embodies the spiritual side of the arts, my whole reason for doing them. I start up in 2 weeks, but I will go to there Zazen sessions whenever they have them. They are loosely affiliated with Zen Mountain Monastery, http://www.mro.org/zmm/zmmhome/index.html , one of the Zen monasteries I lived at. I’m very excited to going there. To be able to go to a place where I can take a little breather from College will be nice. Hmmmm….

I still don’t know what to do about these girls though…..

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    Gnothi Seauton!

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