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Well here I am college…..

I’ve been at SMC for about 2 weeks now. And well it’s pretty wild. Right now there are 4 drunk kids in my room making asses out of them self’s. It’s really quite amusing. It’s Thursday I really don’t know why there drunk. Oh well it’s the first time they have been away from home, and they must not be used to the freedom. Coming from 5 years of boarding school and a year off I can’t see much of an excuse. Oh well….. They are good kids it’s just kind of silly. I have to admit when I’m quite similar…..

Well after about 5 days I got myself into another complicated relationship. That’s what they say college is all about right?

Well life at SMC is pretty good. Although Nihongo (Japanese language) class is really hard. Although I now can read some Hiragana, and that’s damn cool…..

Well I think that’s all for now, wish me luck in my predicament….

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