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The Universal Law

All knowledge of law, of dynamic process, both inner and outer, revolves around two fundamental concepts: that’s of symmetry and that of continuity. Where there is a concept of lawfulness, as a class, instances of this class (laws) will be of (only) two basic/fundamental types. Any instance of law will either be a law of symmetry, or a law of continuity.

The basic beingness, nature and lawfulness of all World is defined by, and founded upon, the concept of Symmetry.
The basic beingness, nature, and lawfulness of all self is defined by, and founded upon, the concept of Continuity.

Objectivity has its basis in terms of symmetry. Subjectivity has its basis in terms of continuity.

The law of symmetry is the law of intradomain relations.
Symmetry is a sameness of content where there is a difference of context.
It is the law of existence, of world, the law of physics, of substance, and of form.

The law of continuity is the law of interdomain relations.
Continuity is a sameness of content where there is a sameness of context.
It is the law of creation, of self, of chance, and of feeling.


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The deepest purpose, taking precedence over all others, is the desire to realize the maximum possible creativity and experience. Ultimately, all of consciousness in all times and places, and in all worlds has the same absolute intent: to maximize the degree of both experience and creativity.

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History of Cloning

In July of 1996, a cloned sheep by the name of “Dolly” was engineered by a research and development institute in Scotland England. This was the first time a mammal was successfully cloned by humans, making it breaking news around the world. In April of 1998 Dolly gave birth to “Bonny.” On February 14th 2003, Dolly died due to euthanasia. She had lung infection, a symptom common in sheep twice her age. She had lived for only 6 years, where the normal lifespan of a sheep is 11 to 12 years. Some scientists believe that her untimely illness was a direct result of an unperfected cloning technique, yet this hypothesis has not yet been proven. The answer to this question will play an important role in the safety and ethical ramifications of cloning in the future.

The Ethical and Religion Problems of Cloning

All thought of human cloning today is purely theoretical. This is because humans have never been cloned before, thus all related thought must only be in the realm of hypothesis.

1) Which clone is the original, and what ramifications will be felt?
-Who is the parent clone? (The original person cloned)
-Who is the clone’s parent? (Paternal)

Is your mother’s clone your real mother? Or is she your aunt? Possibly the same as if your mother had a twin sister that was somehow younger than her, and possibly even you….

2) Are clones real humans?
- Do clones have the same rights as normal humans, dictated in the Bill of Rights? Or would clones have a secondary status to that of a normally born human? And thus would they possibly be treated unfairly by non- clones. The real question is are clones truly human, real people, or are they fake.

3) Soul…?
-If people have souls, do clones have souls?
This idea resides in the domain of theology and mystic philosophy and has been debated for as long as one could debate, and clones will only complicate things. Although as the current data suggests a clone is the same as an identical twin thus not adding any new variables, except for the fact that the twin is not naturally occurring in the wild. Yet is a laboratory any less natural then a womb? So this suggests that clones are as every bit legitimate as naturally born humans. Yet this question cannot be answered until more information about human energy fields has been uncovered.

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A girl sits on a cheap white couch intently gazing at the posters on the wall. This is the kind of couch only owned by poor college kids or someone who have no taste for décor. The owner of the couch is the first; he is a college student, who at the moment is a bit troubled. The reason for his ill ease happens to be the girl sitting on his couch who at the moment has locked gaze with the various images in his wall. What has caught her attention tonight, like other nights, happens to be the movie posters. As she gently gazes at the images on the wall he in turn discreetly gazes at her. She is beauty, literally, well almost, considering the missing character the rough translation would be “auty”. But as she sits in his room he cannot help but think they should change the word to match her, to match the true form of beauty. He feels like she is the kind of girl who is pretty and knows it, a girl who is wanted and knows it, and he wonders if this is why this whole process has been so hard.

The girl turns then and faces him, her dark eyes glowing in the reflected green and blue lights of the room. “Where did you get these pictures? Are they all yours?” Once again she asks him about the pictures on the wall. They both have this in common, a love of movies, and yet one most of all, an obscure movie that most have never heard of, and even less actually enjoy. He motions over to his computer, and showers her with many more, many more which she devours with hungry eyes. And yet these eyes are for the pictures and not for him. He is confused, would this not interest her, this common thread, a line of connection he has felt with no one else in his life. And yet seemingly unnoticed of this great truth she gazes on, not paying him mind at all. And so he sits wondering what to do.
And so she pulls out his notebook, the real reason she is here, to help him study for a test. And so they go over nouns. To play, to sit, to stand, to give, to turn on, to bring, to smoke, to close, to die…. He feels small, inadequate, unworthy. She breezes over the words of her native tongue, and he stumbles at every sound, fumbles at every word. He feels like a child before her, a child with a crush. And yet she glides on without a care in the world, without a care for him. He feels 7 again standing on a dock by the ocean in his child hood, looking up at his parents and their friends. And yet there is one in particular which catches his childish gaze, a woman, a woman to whom he was told he had a crush. When told this all he could think of was fizzing orange soda, Crush soda, but he then was told it was not kind of crush, but a crush of a different nature. And now sitting there on his cheap sofa surrounded by pictures of a great truth he lives those feelings from so long ago. A feeling of embarrassment and awkwardness that only can be caused by the look of another.

And now he is 7 again with nothing to say, just a slight blush to his face and all it took was one perplexed look, asking a wordless question. But this gaze is fleeting, and does not rest upon him for long, because she is back again to the wall and to the pictures. This time it is the stories of his native culture, if there is such a thing. And as he explains them to her, and she is interested, and listens intently with a hunger in her gaze, and yet not on him, for what she hungers he does not know. Her gaze is not on him but on the pictures, on the stories. For his interest in these things she passes by without a glance, without a care. And when she leaves the room he is there again, 7 years old ,standing on a dock asking himself why this woman makes him feel so odd inside, so warm and yet so alone.

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Waging War with the World,
Waging War with Yourself,

Our Earth is dying. Anyone who can see fact from fiction can see that our planet lies “bleeding to death at their feet.” (84) Broken and ravaged she whimpers, pleading, begging us to stop raping her, yet we can’t hear her cries, for we are too frenzied with the act of desecrating her body to stop our cataclysmic actions. We thrust into Gaia, defiling her, laying waste to her, killing her. Bloodied and tear-stained she muffles a sob for us to stop; can you hear her? Man needs to realize that truly he is raping all things in existence including himself. The illusion of self is causing mankind to wage a war with the earth, yet man must realize that there is no separation between himself and the world, this illusion of separation is causing the destruction of life on planet earth.

Daniel Quinn, in his book Ishmael, gives us some very interesting philosophies and ideas. First off let’s take a look at the Taker philosophy, and what exactly it is. Taker Philosophy: the idea that the one embodying this ideology is somehow superior and more valuable than all other creatures. Thus those with this ideology have the right to literally seize anything they have the ability to acquire. This usually is actualized in the theft of land or resources, usually resulting in death for the original proprietor or inhabitants of said land or resources. Now in the vast majority of cases the entities inhabiting the land in question traversed multiple species of plant and animal, and lived in a symbiotic relationship with their fellow inhabitants, resulting in a thriving ecosystem. The practitioners of this Taker ideology live in accord with what could be called the Warrior’s law. So embedded in the explanation of the Taker philosophy we see the Leaver philosophy. Leaver Philosophy: Those embodying this ideology take what is needed, nothing more. They feel they are part of a greater web of life, and do what they can to nourish this web. They live in harmony with the other entities around them, striving for a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. The practitioners of this Leaver ideology live in accord with the Peace keeping law.

Within these two philosophies we have the emergence of two very contrasting laws. These laws are the basis of their respective ideology, thus embodying that philosophy completely. The product of each philosophy is a direct result of their respective laws. Peace keeping law: “You may compete to the full extent of your capabilities, but you may not hunt down your competitors or destroy their food or deny them access to food. In other words, you may compete but you may not wage war” (pg. 129). “Take what you need, and leave the rest alone” (pg. 127). Then we have what could be called the Warrior’s law: “Deny…competitors access to all the food in the world.” (pg.128) “Exterminate…competitors.” (pg. 126)

So we have Taker and Leaver. One bent on destroying the world, the other on living peacefully, part of a greater whole. Now the Taker ideology is an adaptation of the Leaver philosophy. And due to its fundamental nature the Taker ideology has nearly wiped out all remnants of the human Leaver population and severely devastated the non-human Leaver population. In the Lakota language, “White man” translates to: those who take everything. Yet nowadays it’s not so much the Whiteman, but the mentality of the Whiteman, the Taker mentality. Taker ideology puts men at war with earth, and everything on it. To a Taker “the world is a foe to be conquered, they will conquer it like a foe, and one day, inevitably, their foe will lie bleeding to death at their feet, as the world is now.” (pg. 84) To truly conquer earth one must be at war with everything. And in doing so one would be at war with the very nature of one’s own innermost being. “Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” (Chief Seattle) So in waging war with the world, he wages war with his own existence. This is because the world is not something other than he. Man is striving to understand himself, yet what he needs to realize is that he will never be able to find what he is looking for if he searches outside himself. To truly know himself he has to realize that he does not exist separately from the whole of creation; by imposing the fantasy of separation of self mankind is only creating suffering.

The myth of self is nothing but a chimera, humanity has no identity outside the identity of the world and universe. People like to think they are special, and somehow superior to the rest of creation, yet this is fantasy. Anatma shows us that we have no self; we are not separate in any way from the rest of creation. We arise from a series of conditions which are intimately connected to all things. Throughout our lives we are nourished and supported by this matrix of life, and one day we shall return to our primordial nature, donning our original faces, the faces we had before birth. To go against this truth is delusion, and horribly self destructive. Yet what is destructive for man, or the world, is destructive for all things in existence.

Everything is interconnected; one action effects all things everywhere. The Diamond Net of Indra shows us that any and every action has an intimate correspondence on all things in existence. So when humanity acting from a place of delusion wages war with the earth, they really wage war with everything, and all things are effected by this destructive act. Mankind must realize the horrible consequences of his actions, he must see the interconnectedness of the universe or soon all shall be lost.

And so now, after several thousand years of heated battle, man is beginning to win this horrible battle; earth is dying, thus so is all life on earth. “We’ve poured out poisons into the world as though it were a bottomless pit- and we go on pouring our poisons into the world. We’ve gobbled up irreplaceable resources as though they could never run out-and we go on gobbling them up. It’s hard to imagine how the world could survive another century of this abuse, but nobody’s really doing anything about it.” (pg. 80) It took much to get her here, broken and crying. Yet here she is, lying before the feet of man, broken and bleeding. And man is faced with a question: Will he finish her here and now, killing her and thus all life; or will he look down with eyes opened, in an illumination of the understanding of his role on planet earth? Man must realize that the broken body truly is his; truly he is lying broken and bleeding on the ground. There is no difference between himself and the earth, when he poisons the earth he is poisoning his own body, poisoning the web of life of which he is only a strand.

Man as yet has been uninspired to change, even though it’s painfully obvious that we are headed to certain destruction if we hold to this illusion of self, and separation from the web of life. What could possibly inspire people to fundamentally change their way of life? Could it be that people need to be inspired with a bright image for the future? People need to be inspired to act, not with guilt or shame but with hope. “People need more than to be scolded, more than to be made to feel stupid and guilty. They need more than a vision of doom. They need a vision of the world and of themselves that inspires them.” (pg. 243 – 244) And “Stopping Pollution is not inspiring. Sorting your trash is not inspiring. Cutting down on Fluorocarbons is not inspiring. But this…thinking of ourselves in a new way, thinking of the world in a new way…this…” (pg. 244) Might be just what mankind needs to become inspired to reevaluate his relationship to the world. When given a majestic hope for the future mankind might just do what it takes to save the world, and themselves.

Man must utilize the Peace keeping law in his creation of a new way of life, in his creation of a new civilization. If this is done, not only would man thrive on planet earth, but so would all species, animal, plant and even mineral. The only way for man to truly prosper is if he is part of a global community of harmony where all life works together to progress towards the goal of perfection. So if man could implement the peace keeping law then, “His destiny is to be the father of them all – I don’t mean by direct descent. By giving all the rest their chance- the whales and the dolphins and the chimps and the raccoons- he becomes in some sense their progenitor…oddly enough, it’s even grander than the destiny the Taker dreamed up for us.” (pg.242) “And maybe, when the time comes, it’s man’s place to be the teacher of all the rest who are capable of becoming what he’s become. Not the only teacher, not the ultimate teacher. Maybe only the first teacher…But even that wouldn’t be too shabby.” (pg. 243) Man would be the first among many intelligent beings on earth. And it all would have been possible because man saw the follies of the Warrior’s law, and decided to once again join his brother and sisters in the web of life, even though he had never truly left. For Humanity to build a lasting and prosperous civilization he will have to encompass a symbiotic relationship between a diversity of species, yet for this to occur, man will have to embrace the Leaver philosophy, thus relinquishing the Taker philosophy along with our sense of ego and self superiority.

Man is chasing after a phantom, his ego is just illusion, and until he can approach the world from a state of no-self he will continue to wage war against the planet. Yet, due to the nature of no-self and the interconnected nature of the world, man will need to be at peace with himself if he ever wants to achieve peace with the world. Because in the instant that man become at peace with himself he too will become at peace with all things in the cosmos. Man must realize that he is not only the rapist but also the rape victim. Because when mankind wages war with the world, truly he is waging a war with himself; and if man cannot realize that he does not exist separately from the world then not only will man perish by his own hand, but also by the hand of man will the earth be set ablaze.

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Annihilation, eMOTIVe, A Perfect Circle.

From dehumanization to arms production,
For the benefit of the nation or its destruction

Power, power, the law of the land,
Those living for death will die by their own hand,
Life's no ordeal if you come to terms,
Reject the system dictating the norms

From dehumanization to arms production,
To hasten the nation towards its destruction

Power, power, the law of the land,
Those living for death will die by their own hand,
Life's no ordeal if you come to terms,
Reject the system dictating the norms

From dehumanization to arms production,
To hasten the nation towards its destruction

Power, power, the law of the land,
Those living for death will die by their own hand,
Life's no ordeal if you come to terms,
Reject the system dictating the norms

From dehumanization to arms production,
To hasten this nation towards its destruction,
It's your choice, your choice, your choice, your choice,
Peace or annihilation
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    Annihilation, eMOTIVe, A Perfect Circle

The Fall of Innocence, and the Rise of Understanding and Eternal Life

The Fall of Innocence,
and the
Rise of Understanding and Eternal Life

On the day that the All formed the Earth there was nothing on the face of the ground. After the rumbles and explosions came to an end, and the fires of creation died down, serenity came over this new, innocent planet. The winds blew away the sulfuric smells, and all was calm over the newborn land. And so it sat, a barren wasteland void of all life, desolate and indifferent. And yet something slumbered deep within the earth, removed from time in an endless cycle of night and day. Little changed, for there was little to change in this unceasing dance of rock, fire, water, and wind. And so Gaia waited, calm and serene, poised in effortless anticipation.

And so it came to pass that one day there was change, for from the ethers of Heaven the Lord sent down a river of light. Now this vapor was that of life, the essence of true creation. It came from above to bathe the planet in a shawl of white light. And then it penetrated to the darkest depths of the earth, and touched the deepest essence of her, awaking something within, something that had been not awake, and yet not asleep. With this germination things started to change on the face of earth, for it no longer was a dead thing, but alive and breathing. The winds blew, and the tides came, urging the growth of life. And thus it was that the earth was covered in life, growing and pulsing with the flow of creation.

And so there was a garden. This garden was called that of Eden, for it was that which was nearest to unknowing perfection. This was a place where plants and animals alike existed in a symphony of symbiotic harmony. And yet one day as the stately trees brushed the blue skies man and woman realized they were there. There was a moment where they understood that they were in a place, in a way they hadn’t known before. And yet they did not know this place nor did they understand it. In this instant the Lord Father came to them saying “Man and Woman, you are here in Eden. Enjoy it, and care for it, for it is your duty to protect this land. You are our chosen children, and we love you. But I must warn you, the day that you eat of the Tree of Knowledge is the day that you die. You will feel pain and suffering like never before. I implore you to be careful, for you will cease to be as you are, for you shall be dead to this life.” So man and woman tended to the garden in the way that they should. Yet they did not understand the worlds of the Lord. And for a time it was good.

Now it came to pass that one dark and chill night man and woman were walking in the garden by the cold light of the moon. And they felt an emptiness inside of them, something they could not describe, nor understand. It was a void that pulled at the very essence of them, threatening to destroy all that they were. And at that moment, far off in the darkness, they saw a faint light. Not knowing what it was they walked on toward the luminous shine. As they went the light became brighter, and brighter, until it was glowing, and cast an eerie bluish-green light all about them. They had never seen this light before, and it shined out to them beckoning for them to come closer. As they walked, they noticed that the light was coming from a large tree, glorious in magnitude and stature. This tree was magnificent, with roots that descended deep down to the center of the earth, soaking up the essence of her. And up high in the branches they could see that this wonderful tree had fruit, and that the euphoric glow was coming from that fruit. As they peered up through the canopy they could see that the fruit was like none that they had ever encountered, for it glowed like the moon. Each piece radiated a light so pure and wonderful that it sent them into a state of divine euphoria.

After long moments of just basking in the warm radiance of the tree, man and woman decided that they wanted to know of this fruit. They felt pulled to the glowing fruit in a way that pained them and pulsed with the emptiness inside of them. But looking at the tree they knew that they could never reach the fruit, for it was too high. Yet they longed for it, longed to taste of its sweetness and bliss. So they called out to Mother Gaia, pleading for her help. And she came to them saying “My poor children, oh how you suffer. You have felt the tree of Life and yet cannot touch it. For as you are you cannot know it. Only those who understand the essence of existence can truly taste Life. And you as you are have no understanding of these secrets, for you have not lost your innocence. My children, to know Life you must let your ignorance die. You must open your eyes to the light of Truth and Knowledge. You must die if you are to be born again. Only after this is done can you know of the fruit of Life. I am so sorry my children, but you must go to die.” And with that Mother Gaia left them. Man and woman did not fully understand the words of Gaia, but they knew that her words were truth. And so it pained them to leave the tree of Life, but they felt that to truly know Life, they must first find the Tree of Knowledge and die from its fruit.

So man and woman journeyed toward the tree of Knowledge. Yet as they made their way among the tall trees they began to think. They pondered what it was to die. What would actually happen if they ate of the tree of Knowledge. Being away from the aura of the tree of Life their resolution wavered. For a moment they paused and considered going back to their life of naiveté and ignorance. For they wondered if true Life was worth the pain of death and resurrection, for they knew not what true Life was. And yet they still felt the void within them tearing them asunder, and so they sat on the ground in utter distress. In that instance the Serpent came to them. Now the Serpent is both wise and subtle, and spoke to them the truth. First he asked them what it was they were doing, and man and woman replied. “O wise Dragon we are searching for the tree of Knowledge. Yet we do not know what will happen to us when we eat of its fruit. For the Lord Father told us that when we eat of the tree we shall die. And we are dreadfully scared, for we do not know what pains death will bring.” So the Serpent said to them, “But what is death when you are not truly alive? For a life of ignorance is not true Life. Remember the words of Mother Gaia, she told you that only through the death of your ignorance and the understanding of Wisdom can you eat of the tree of Life and thus truly live.” With that the serpent left, and man and woman knew what they needed to do. Their resolution was fortified, and they journeyed to the tree of Knowledge with a conviction that only the young and headstrong can possess.

When they reached the tree they staggered in awe of its mighty presence. It loomed over them radiating a dark, malevolent aura of pain and suffering. The tree was covered in spikes and thorns large and sharp enough to shred man and woman asunder. As they approached they could feel a sensation of terror overtake them. It gripped them in a way that nothing had before, and they dropped to the ground not able to continue. Horror pulsed within their core, pulling at the very quintessence of them, and they thought they would die of it. And yet within them something else burned stronger than this terror, for at that moment the void of understanding reached its zenith. This burning emptiness within them rose past the terror and they knew they must continue or the emptiness would consume them. With this understanding they knew that nothing could harm them. Nothing could be worse than the pain and suffering of the emptiness within their soul. And so they stood up and walked hand in hand with tear-stained cheeks toward their tree of death.

As they made it to the trunk of the dark tree they could not find a way to its fruit, for its branches were far away up in the canopy. And yet the trunk was covered in spikes and they realized that they must climb up the sharp blades to reach the fruit. And so climb they did, up a wall of spikes. As they climbed, their naked flesh became cut and torn from the barbs and thorns. Their flesh was sliced to the bone and blistered by the hot sun by the time they made it to the fruit high in the sky. And in that instant, holding the dark fruit in their bloody hands, they ate of it, and in an explosion of light their eyes were opened knocking them back off from the tree. And so they fell, fell from the tree, and fell from grace, with minds burning like the sun with the understanding of the world.

Down they fell, their bodies limp and lost in the serene sky. As they fell Man and Woman knew the world, for they could see with eyes open. They understood the folly of their previous life and the ignorance in which they had lived. And at that precise moment they hit the ground with a force that broke their fragile bodies. And so they lay broken and dying on the hard earth, staring into the unveiled sun with the comprehension of the universe blazing within their minds. And there they died; knowing that understanding life was worth the cost of death.

And then the Lord Father came to the broken bodies of Man and Woman. And in that moment the Lord had a body, and in his celestial eyes there were tears that ran down his face and fell to the dry ground. He looked down on his children and felt what they had felt. He knelt down to the lifeless body of Man and took up his hand. Seeing Man’s slashed flesh the Lord looked at his own palms and saw the scars from an age long past, a time long ago. Staring at his scarred hands the Lord knelt in the sand remembering the sacred day long ago when he too had fallen off a very similar tree, the day he had fallen with her. And then at that moment she too was with him under that hallowed tree with tear-stained cheeks, grieving for their fallen children.

Mother Gaia and Lord Father stood together with scarred hands held tight. These scars came from their climb up a different tree of Knowledge, in an age long past, yet even worse were their scars from after their fall from that tree and the destruction they had caused. And so looking down at their broken children lying on the ground, once again tears of sorrow began to stream down their divine faces. For Lord Father and Mother Gaia felt the pain and hurt of their children, felt the pain of death, and yet what caused the tears truly to flow was the knowledge of what would happen when Man and Woman rose again. Because Man and Woman no longer could live in the innocence that they once had, they would be corrupted by their knowledge. Man and Woman now had the understanding of the universe and thus were tainted by it. With the loss of their innocence they would ravage and burn the world searching for Life. Just because they had Knowledge did not mean that they had Wisdom. And without Wisdom they would never find Life, and yet never stop searching for it no matter the cost to the world. And yet if Man and Woman did find Life before they had acquired Wisdom all things everywhere would be lost, not just on Earth but in all the universe. So the Lord Father and Mother Gaia placed the mighty Cherubim equipped with the flaming sword of Wisdom that cuts through ignorance and delusion to guard over the tree of Life until the day Man and Woman are ready for its fruit, ready to become Gods.

And after that Mother Gaia and Lord Father knelt down over the broken bodies of their children and breathed mortal life into them. As the breath of life pulsed through their bodies they were healed, what was broken became mended, flesh and bone fused back to what it once was. And yet Man and Woman had to live with the scars of what they had done. And in that moment Man and Woman awoke from death to see standing over them Mother Gaia and Lord Father. With their new-found Understanding Man and Woman rushed to prostrate themselves on the ground before Mother Gaia and Lord Father, for Man and Woman were humiliated and ashamed to be before their Godly parents. And knowing this would happen, Gaia and the Lord showered Man and Woman with an aura of love and affection that made Man and Woman feel secure. And Mother Gaia and Lord Father told them, “Children, you now have grown up. You have eaten from the tree of Knowledge, and now comprehend the workings of the world. And because of that your innocence has died, truly you have died. And yet you were resurrected by our hand to live as mortals upon Earth. You have fallen and now must rise up to find Life. Yet only through Wisdom will you gain this eternal and everlasting Life. So you must go out into the world and search for this Wisdom so you may eat of the tree to join us in full expression of Divinity. But now children we must leave you, for this is your journey, and you must do so alone, for the understanding of Wisdom comes from within.”

And with that Mother Gaia and Lord Father left their children standing naked and alone on the cold ground. And as Man and Woman walked away Mother Gaia and Lord Father knew that Man and Woman would ravage the Earth looking for the Truth of Life. That the world would burn because of the actions of Man and Woman. But they hoped that one day if the All willed it, Man and Woman would find the Truth of Wisdom and come to reside with them in Eternal Life, for that is the nature of things.

Author’s note:
The story of Genesis, a story of beginnings--the story of Genesis deals with the creation of life on earth, and yet more importantly deals with the growth of that life, and the ways in which it became mature. This story deals with the themes of ignorance and the death of ignorance via the understanding of knowledge. And yet the biblical version of this story is incomplete, missing the key theme of the story. Why? Why is there a tree of Life and Knowledge? Why does the Lord warn them away from the tree? Why is it that they are cast out of the garden once they have eaten from the fruit? What is the point, why, why, why? But even more importantly how does it affect our lives. In my version not all of these things can be answered, yet we get a better appreciation for the questions, for we see them in a new light, inspiring us to think and feel them in a way which we are unaccustomed.

First, the “ALL formed the Earth,” now this is a Hermetic philosophy, in which the all, or all things that have relative existence, were created by the ALL, a thing with no relative existence. Thus outside of causation, called the “unmoved mover” in Aristotelian philosophy, this “thing” created the universe, and thus earth. So the distinction is made between it, and the Lord Father, and Mother Gaia. This distinction is also made clear in the references to when Lord Father and Mother Gaia “had fallen off a very similar tree” to that of Man and Woman. This then leaves all sorts of questions to be made about the nature of creation, and the ascension of life.

Now Mother Gaia and Lord Father are two sides of the same coin, Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine. They are one in the same, polar opposites, and indivisible. Yet they are also different, and keep their own place and form. Lord Father is masculine, and is the implanter of thoughts. Mother Gaia is feminine, and is the creator of matter. One implants the plan for creation the other allows it to be. Mother Gaia laid waiting for Lord Father to implant the seed of thought into her, enabling the creation of life. Now in the story, it seems that they are somehow bound to earth. That this is their planet, under their control, and the same goes with Man and Woman, they too are under their jurisdiction. And yet this also brings into play the idea that there are many other planets, and many other versions of Mother Gaia and Lord Father, an idea I relish.

Next are man and woman; notice how there were no capitals. Before they ate from the tree of Knowledge I wanted to somehow show that they were less than human, lacking some sort of reasoning ability. In their youth, man and woman were innocent and childlike, not able to comprehend the world around them. This is a major theme, for in the story this innocence must one day come to an end, for a life of innocence is not one of true life. Pushing them ever on is the sensation of the Void; a never-quenched black hole of pain and suffering that motivates them to seek out truth. This void is what makes them seek for life and knowledge, for they know something is missing in their life, something great which is needed in the strongest way possible. So because of the void, they eat of Knowledge and become Man and Woman, mature and knowledgeable of the world. Yet, even so, they still must transform their Knowledge into Wisdom to gain eternal Life. And when that is done, they will join Mother Gaia and Lord Father in divinity. So their job is not yet done, their journey not yet complete, they must wander the world in search of truth. And even after that is done it seems like there is still more for them to do, like Mother Gaia and Lord Father. Now in the story, the search for truth seems like it will be at great cost to the earth. “With the loss of their innocence they would ravage and burn the world searching for Life,” which shows that just because they have Knowledge and Understanding, they still lack Wisdom, and must find it to gain true Life. And if they had true Life without this understanding of Truth, they would bring ruin to all. This act of finding Truth is a paramount action that is needed to complete this stage of their journey. Yet it will come with a cost.

The trees: first the tree of Life. This mighty tree is a physical representation of the utmost essence of life. It is the fruit of life, literally. Due to its properties man and woman are drawn to it, grasping for life. Yet they cannot touch it, for they have no understanding of knowledge or wisdom. And to know life you must understand truth. This tree has a feminine quality. It has a warm glow, and beckons them toward it with love and serenity. They see it in the night under a moon, a feminine, celestial object of power and passive creation. This tree is the fruit of Gaia, and only can be taken by the wise. The tree of Knowledge, this mighty tree is a physical representation of the utmost essence of knowledge. It is the fruit of knowledge, literally. Due to its properties, man and woman are repelled by it, in terror of death. They are afraid to touch it for it is covered in spikes and thorns. And yet they find that the only way up the tree is to climb the spikes, so they do climb. What at first repelled them enabled them to reach their goal. They see the tree under the blaze of the sun, a masculine, celestial object of power and active life. This tree is the fruit of the Lord, and when taken brings death.

There are some other small points to consider, such as the serpent, who in my story is a dragon that represents Wisdom. The dragon is a necessary tool for man and woman to get the conviction to complete their task. The dragon also came to them at the exact time in which they needed him, right when they were thinking about leaving the path and falling back into ignorance. Without the serpent all would be lost. Another is the mighty Cherubim equipped with the flaming sword of Wisdom that cuts through ignorance and delusion. This sword is a symbol in Buddhist philosophy in which the sword can harm only those who live in delusion and ignorance. This would be perfect to guard the tree of life, because it would keep Man and Woman away until they no longer lived in delusion, and thus where ready for the fruit. These two characters play a minor role, and yet have a major impact on the significance of the story.

Stories are to inspire, to raise up a feeling of wonder and questioning. This feeling then somehow changes the reader, ever-so-slightly alters their thoughts of the situation in a way that makes them think differently. They start to question why. What is this? Why did that happen? Who is that? Why is he/she there? Most importantly: how I fit into all of this? This feeling is the most important thing a story can offer it reader. The ability to create new thoughts about the nature of reality, and the will to actualize change in one’s life is the soul purpose of storytelling. This story was my attempt to do so.